Why Is My Shedding Hair Getting So Tangled?

By: Ava Alderman: As if it’s not bad enough to be dealing with shedding hair, many people going through this notice a change in texture also. This change in texture can go so far that you can find yourself with hair that is now fly away and getting tangled.

Someone might say: “I have always had pretty manageable hair. Before my hair started falling out, it wasn’t that much of a chore to comb it and to make it look nice. But ever since it started falling out, it’s been almost impossible to tame. It doesn’t lay down anymore and it’s becoming very tangled. Why is this? And what can I do about it?”

Hair That Is Resting Instead Of Growing: There are a couple of possibilities for what you are seeing. Often, when your hair is shedding, something has happened to cause some of the hairs to change from the growing cycle to the resting cycle. When this happens, the hair that is in the shedding cycle is no longer actively becoming nourished. There is no longer any point to that because that hair is going to fall out soon anyway.

When this process starts to happen with more hairs than normal (as is the case when you have telogen effluvium) it can produce flyaway hair. When your hair is in a normal growth and shed pattern, there are a small amount of hairs being affected so that it is not noticeable. But when a larger number of hairs shift, there can be a very noticeable change in hair texture. And as the hair is often more raised and not laying down, it’s easier for it to become tangled.

In addition to this, many people notice that they lose more hair when they comb it or use conditioner. So many people do this less, which leads to tangling.

Miniaturized Hair: There is one more possibility that I can think of. If you have a hair condition called androgenctic alopecia (patterned thinning) the hair can eventually become miniaturized or more thin. When this happens, the hair doesn’t lay down correctly because the weight of it has been diminished. This can also lead to tangling.

Gentling Addressing The Tangles: It can be frustrating to deal with the tangling because when your hair is falling out, you have to be very gentle with it. That’s why it can help to use a spray in conditioner to help your comb glide through it very easily. Use a very wide tooth comb so that the hair doesn’t pull. Hold your head at the scalp and only comb right before where the tangle is located. By holding your hair firm and not taking long strokes, you’re only affecting the tangled area and this is a more gentle approach to take.

Once you have the tangles taken care of, you can very gently comb the full length of your hair to keep the tangling from coming back for a while. When you wash your hair, allow it to dry flat. Don’t put it up in a towel because this can make the problem worse. (If you want to use a towel, make sure that the hair is not twisted inside of it.)

Tangling was a problem for me when my hair was shedding.  I would often gather my hair in a ponytail when wet and wrap the towel around it that way so that it could not move or twist (and therefore tangle) during the drying process.  The good news is that once I got my shedding to stop, the tangling stopped also.   You can read more about my experience on my blog at http://stop-hair-loss-in-women.com/

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