I Thought Henna Was Supposed To Help With Hair Shedding, But Now I’m Shedding More After Using It.

The coloring of hair can be a very common concern when you are shedding or have telogen effluvium. On the positive side, coloring your hair can make it look thicker and better. On the negative side, it can sometimes cause additional shedding. Many people will look to natural alternatives in an attempt to slow or curb the shedding. Vegetable dyes and henna are common alternatives. Some people believe that these products actually improve their scalp and help their shedding. And others report that it actually worsened it.

Someone might say, “I had actually hoped that using henna would help with my hair loss. I read that it has healthy, healing properties for the scalp. I suffered through four hours of applying it and it smelled horrible both during application and up to several days later. I have to admit that I like the color, but my hair is shedding worse than before. Tons of hair came out when I washed the henna out. And even more has come out since then. Why would henna make me shed more when it is supposed to be so helpful?”

Many people notice additional shedding right after using henna. This is true even of people who don’t have an issue with hair loss. You undoubtably know this already, but henna is a clay-like substance. It is almost like putting wet mud on your hair and then the mud hardens over time. So when you have to remove it, there is a lot of manipulation that needs to take place in order to get the product out of your hair. Many people have to use a lot of shampoo, conditioner, and combing in order to get it all out. Some will shampoo and condition additional times in order to try to remove all of the smell. So, this entire process requires tons more manipulation than normal hair color. And this might be why you’re seeing more shedding after the process.

For shedding that keeps going, it’s possible that your scalp is having a reaction to the product or you are experiencing some scalp inflammation. It’s true that henna can help the shedding for some. But my observation is that usually, henna helps people who are shedding because of their scalp issues.  When henna is a problem, there are other products that can treat your scalp – like tea tree oil and gentle dandruff shampoos. In the meantime, you should try to combat any inflammation of the scalp caused by the henna. I would not try the henna again if you feel strongly that it caused more shedding. I had a similar experience. Henna caused additional shedding in the days after the procedure. But, after a week or so, it died down and I noticed less shedding than usual for a week or two. I think what happened was that hairs that were going to shed soon were coaxed out by all of the manipulation with the henna. Then I noticed less shedding later because so much came out after the initial process. Eventually, my shedding pattern returned to normal.  Since I noticed no improvement from the henna, I didn’t repeat the process. But you never know if something is going to help you unless you try it, so try not to beat yourself up. Many people who are shedding try henna.  You can read about some things that helped me on my blog at http://stop-hair-loss-in-women.com/

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