Do Miniaturized Hairs Grow Back? Are They Eventually Normal Again? How Long Does It Take?

By: Ava Alderman:  I sometimes hear from folks who are noticing an alarming number of miniaturized hairs on their scalp.  Most people are aware of these types of hairs.  The individual strands begin to thin over time and eventually over the course of several shed cycles become “peach fuzz” type of hair.  Sometimes, this cycle is so aggressive that there can eventually be very sparse areas or bald spots where the hairs become so miniaturized that they cease to grow or fill in anymore.

People often wonder if it’s ever possible to reverse this process.  I’m often asked if miniaturize hairs ever grow back and if so, how long this process takes.  Another concern is if the hair eventually becomes normal again.  I will tell you my opinion on this in the following article.

It’s my opinion and experience that if you do nothing in terms of treatment, there’s very little chance that the hair is just going to miraculously grow back normally.  I’m certainly not a doctor or specialist, but I’ve experienced hair loss myself and have done a good deal of research about it.  Here’s some of the reasoning behind my opinion on this.  The reason that the hair has miniaturized is that the follicle has weakened and shrunk over time.  Most often, what causes this process is an oversensitivity to the androgens on your scalp.   If you don’t address the androgens or the sensitivity, those follicles are going to remain shrunken and ineffective.  Let’s say that you choose to address the androgens either internally or externally, does the miniaturization reverse at that point?

My opinion is that it doesn’t because although you’ve weakened the hold that the androgens have over your scalp, you are still dealing with miniaturized follicles.  So this really is a two step process.  Now, there are also various things that you can try (like topicals and lasers) to help to re stimulate your follicles and make them healthy again.)  If you do both of these things, I believe that your follicles can produce a healthy hair again, but it’s my experience that the process can take a couple of hair cycles in order to be complete.

Unfortunately, many people expect to see a vast improvement in the hair cycle that they are already in.  This isn’t likely.   If you’ve experienced hair loss for any length of time, you probably already know that your hair goes through different cycles including growth, resting, and growing.  You hair strands shed out at the end of their life cycle in the resting phase (or in response to some other stimulus) and are replaced by fresh, new hairs.  Now, as long as you don’t have any inflammation or androgen issues and you have a healthy follicle, then you should be able to grow healthy hair within that first cycle.  But if your follicle has been compromised, you might only see a slight improvement with the first cycle of regrowth.  But as your follicle is healed and strengthened, you should eventually see hair that is thicker in diameter and is sometimes even darker in color as each cycle is complete.

But to answer the question posed, it’s my opinion that with aggressive treatment, miniaturized hairs can eventually grow back normally.  This can take a couple of hair cycles to be complete though, so as difficult as it is, you will often need a little patience.

One of the reasons that I have the opinion that I do is because of my own experience.  I have been able to improve my level of miniaturization, but it didn’t happen over night.  I had to have the patience to stick with it and to evaluate what worked and what didn’t objectively.  If it helps, you can read more  on my blog at

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